Lymph .. What is going on now? 2

It’s only fair to share…So the past month has been rather strange.  I have felt rather odd but this flu season has been brutal, too.  I explain more in my video below about what was happening with my lymphatic system and weird symptoms I experienced. It is so fascinating how […]

lymphatic system

mold pic

Mold have you worried? Sick.. unexplained symptoms?

It’s only fair to share…Being mold sick is not fun.. Most don’t understand Most of you already know my story and it has been a crazy few years for me and my family.  I want to help others that are struggling or showing symptoms and don’t realize what may be happening.  It […]

Are we going to save our possessions?

It’s only fair to share…So, I am reading this woman’s blog and she is talking about this machine she used that helped her and her family with mold in their home.  I didn’t see much mention of which product it was and then kept reading up on the technology.   […]

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Collection of grunge diet stamps (gluten free, lactose free and egg free), vector illustration

Sinus Infections/Celiac Disease

It’s only fair to share… Sinus infections and Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance sometimes go hand in hand. When one is diagnosed with this disease/intolerance, gluten needs to be removed from the diet because the body sees gluten as a foreign object or a virus and the immune system starts to attack. […]

Going Gluten Free easier than I thought

It’s only fair to share…Going Gluten Free easier than I thought It has been an easier transition than I thought to go gluten free. Eating gluten free is better than experiencing the pain that occurs right after ingesting gluten; or the complications later in life. What many people do not […]

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Gluten Free Breaded Chicken

It’s only fair to share… Ingredients 2 lbs Chicken Breast (nutrition smart has some of the best) 3 eggs Garlic powder Basil Coconut flour Coconut oil Directions Rinse Chicken and then cut into strips (or if you are making chicken nugget shapes for the kids you can cut out fun […]

Caesar Salad Dressing

It’s only fair to share… Caesar Salad Dressing Ingredients ¾ cup hemp oil ¾ cup extra virgin cold pressed olive oil ¾ apple cider vinegar 2 cans of anchovies or 2 small jars (it is best to use the jarrred anchovies if you want to avoid bpa from cans) 5 […]



Ok, we have mold now what…

It’s only fair to share…We were very overwhelmed, we thought I was reacting to our home from the VOC’s from our new windows.  We learned a bit later it was due to elevated mold levels in our home.  This is not something that we wanted to go through but at […]

Could our house be making me sick? 2

It’s only fair to share…As if getting overdosed by Benadryl wasn’t enough.  My family had a large family trip planned.  I was still very sick and fatigued with cognitive issues from Benadryl overdose so I was definitely a little nervous about being far from home and my routine.  But, this […]


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Food and Medication – Gluten/Casein

It’s only fair to share…I Never Knew Food could affect me like this.. A blog post from 2011 Wow, is all I can really say!  This gluten free journey has been one full of surprising twists and turns.  I have now found out that I am also allergic to corn, […]